Spring/summer projects?

The spring is almost here and soon the summer will be, before I even get the chance to say "fabric?".

At this exact time last year I finished off my first acceptable piece of medeival clothing, a sky blue sleeveless 15th century kirtle in linen, a really simple thing with 2 panels and gores at the sides, front and back. Like this one. Still use it, because it's sooo comfortable.

After that I bought (shit)loads of wool at a Viking fair and finished a red fitted gown, a hood, and a cloak in time for Double Wars and then a set of Viking clothing and the last Kampfrau. It's a very little amount of clothing if you think of it, but I had only a year. I didn't sew anything in the autumn.


I have so many ideas for this spring and it's so hard to choose! Wool is usually not cheap either.


This is what I have to make:

- One or two more sleeveless linen kirtles for the summer, I will die if I only have wool to choose from, that's for sure. Probably variations of the one I previously linked, but with lacing and/or open in the sides from waist down.

- New wool gown, most likely a 15th century fitted thing, somewhat like my red one but with lacing or buttons, possibly with short sleeves.

- Loads of headdresses.


This is what I don't have to, but want to make:

- More Viking age pieces, like a cloak and/or coat.

- A burgundian gown, v-necked with fur edges! I also need an overdress, something warm.

- A 14th century mi-parti gown. Speaks for itself, with the right colours it can be so beautiful.


Gah, decision-making is killing me! I should really do what I've heard is effective: buy a couple of yards of a pretty fabric and decide afterwards what I will make of it. It seems like the only way to get things done for me :P


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