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Som ni kanske märkt har jag nu börjat uppdatera på både engelska OCH svenska, detta eftersom jag enligt's statistik har en del träffar varje dag som jag gissar är från olika sökmotorer. Det blir mer lättillgängligt om det även står på svenska tror jag!


As you may have noticed I have now begun to update in both english AND swedish, this because I according to's statistics function get hits everyday and I suspect they are from search engines such as Google. The blog will also become more accessible to those who have no patience with long english texts, even I haven't sometimes!


Interesting mini-documenteray about landsknechts at the Saint Maximilian Landsknecht Reenactment Guild's website, you can find the clip here and you need Quicktime to watch it :)


I'm Desirée, I've been a member of the SCA for almost ten months, mostly focusing on the 14th and 15th century. and in May-July 2009 I made myfirst attempt at a 16th century german kampfrau dress.


This blog exists so I can record my second attempt and other sewing projects, because I missed dress diaries myself during the first project.


So, welcome!

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