Toile for grey/blue cotehardie

Just finished making a toile in some green linen I had left. I fitted it on top of my red wool dress since I want the new dress to be a lined (warm) overdress to wear on top of others.

(By the way, I'm still really astonished of the red dress... how on earth did I get it so perfect and snug? I REALLY need to make a new toile in wool- since linen and wool behave differently when stretched - and actually keep it this time, just as perfect, so I can use it to make new dresses like the red one :) But that's a question for later.)



Snug cotehardies with buttons on the front and sleeves are commonly seen during the latter half of the 14th century (and probably early 15th too). Often worn with yet another dress above with sleeves that hang to the floor and open at the elbow to show off the buttoned sleeves beneath. However, mine will be the over-overdress :) And probably occasionally worn with just a tunic beneath, if it doesn't turn out like a huge tent. (It won't.)


Now I have cut the toile apart along the seamlines and when I get myself some new pattern paper I will trace it onto that. And also, buy the lining fabric.

So long!


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