Olive kirtle plan

Today I ordered 3 meters of fine olive/green linen from Medeltidsmode, which is my favourite company to buy fabric from. The service is great.

I'm thinking a really simple sleeveless kirtle for summer. I love working with really fine linen, it doesn't wrinkle as easy and it's so soft and nice. I could just live in my blue linen kirtle, and I wish I could fine more linen as wonderful as that. I've never liked the stiff linen you have to wash ten times or use a lot before it softens. But maybe it's worth the patience.



(Woman in orange dress to the left, Heures de Charles d'Angoulême, late 15th century France)



(Jan van Eyck, Heures de Turin, c. 1420, Flanders)


I haven't decided yet whether or not to add front lacing. It depends on me finding a foolproof way of executing it without it looking absolutely horrible.


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