Olive kirtle plan

Today I ordered 3 meters of fine olive/green linen from Medeltidsmode, which is my favourite company to buy fabric from. The service is great.

I'm thinking a really simple sleeveless kirtle for summer. I love working with really fine linen, it doesn't wrinkle as easy and it's so soft and nice. I could just live in my blue linen kirtle, and I wish I could fine more linen as wonderful as that. I've never liked the stiff linen you have to wash ten times or use a lot before it softens. But maybe it's worth the patience.



(Woman in orange dress to the left, Heures de Charles d'Angoulême, late 15th century France)



(Jan van Eyck, Heures de Turin, c. 1420, Flanders)


I haven't decided yet whether or not to add front lacing. It depends on me finding a foolproof way of executing it without it looking absolutely horrible.

My viking clothing

Here I present to you my two very humble pieces of Viking clothing (approx. 10th century), loosely based on Birka findings. I don't own a pair of 'regular' brooches yet, so here I've used Penannular brooches to tie the apron dress together, I also usually hang strings of beads between them. I made the apron dress with four panels, the pattern was really easy to draft, it's basically four rectangular pieces with a slight trapezoid shape to allow more movement. I got the inspiration for that particular dress here, a swedish info-website on historical clothing. The tunic underneath is a very basic gored linen one. The apron dress reaches just beneath my calves.

I'm seriously considering adding brick-weaved band to the apron dress, because it is a little bit boring at this state :P




Spring/summer projects?

The spring is almost here and soon the summer will be, before I even get the chance to say "fabric?".

At this exact time last year I finished off my first acceptable piece of medeival clothing, a sky blue sleeveless 15th century kirtle in linen, a really simple thing with 2 panels and gores at the sides, front and back. Like this one. Still use it, because it's sooo comfortable.

After that I bought (shit)loads of wool at a Viking fair and finished a red fitted gown, a hood, and a cloak in time for Double Wars and then a set of Viking clothing and the last Kampfrau. It's a very little amount of clothing if you think of it, but I had only a year. I didn't sew anything in the autumn.


I have so many ideas for this spring and it's so hard to choose! Wool is usually not cheap either.


This is what I have to make:

- One or two more sleeveless linen kirtles for the summer, I will die if I only have wool to choose from, that's for sure. Probably variations of the one I previously linked, but with lacing and/or open in the sides from waist down.

- New wool gown, most likely a 15th century fitted thing, somewhat like my red one but with lacing or buttons, possibly with short sleeves.

- Loads of headdresses.


This is what I don't have to, but want to make:

- More Viking age pieces, like a cloak and/or coat.

- A burgundian gown, v-necked with fur edges! I also need an overdress, something warm.

- A 14th century mi-parti gown. Speaks for itself, with the right colours it can be so beautiful.


Gah, decision-making is killing me! I should really do what I've heard is effective: buy a couple of yards of a pretty fabric and decide afterwards what I will make of it. It seems like the only way to get things done for me :P


Tiny update

This is how the partlet looks on me. I dunno, I guess I'm okay with it, it works, you know. But I think I will make a circle-shaped gollar as well, just to have more things to choose from.

The things I have left to do on the kampfrau outfit:

* Finish the wrist part of the sleeves. Haven't figured out exactly how to finish them off yet.

* Barett. I want a BIG round hat with loads of feathers on! Weeeee!

* New underskirt in linen, I have one but it's all tattered and torn after the last Medieval week (:P)

* New shirt, or attach smocking to the neck on the old one.

* Hose

* Shoes, maybe.


I will keep posting here when I make all those things!

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