Huge blue dress progress

Damn, I'm fast! In two days I have already cut all the pieces and I'm almost finished sewing them all together by hand, using tiny backstitches as always. The wool I'm using is very light weight so I thought I might as well treat the wool and the lining as one, and stitching through four layers was no problem.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge!


The front and back panels. As always made by inspiration from instructions in "The medeival tailor's assistant".


Main fabric and lining stitched together (the seams will be flat, hiding the fraying lining when finished).


Cutting the gores.


An almost perfect row of backstitches.


I'm only lining the upper part of the dress and the sleeves. When everything's sewn together I will start making the buttons and also move onto the sleeves (I'm saving them for last).

The dress parts:

Bye for now!


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