Front opening and flattened seams

Haven't made huge much progress since the last post, but I have some more photos now.

This is the front opening (without buttons of course), which is finished. It is hemmed with a tiny stab stitch. I haven't used this technique before and I'm happy with the outcome - it looks flatter and more clean than had I just hemstitched a folded edge like I use to do. I'm a bit worried that the fabric and lining together will be too soft for the buttons and buttonholes and that the stress will cause it to stretch. Therefore I will probably add a strip of linen on each side soon.


The seams are all sewn down for a cleaner less bulky look on the outside.  The pic in the middle is the inside of the front gore. It sure took some time... And on the right is the gore from the outside.


Don't pay attention to all the cat hair :D

At the moment I'm waiting for cash so that I can buy more thread and finish sewing on the last gore. Then we'll see!

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