Finished dress taking form

This was my final sleeve pattern. The curve on the top of the sleeve is so that you won't have that much loose fabric under the arm and at the same time get more ease at the shoulder. It also causes the seam of the sleeve to be in the back, in my case about 8 cm from the shoulder seam.  Of course, there's a strip of linen on the opposite side of the buttons on the sleeves as well, I just hadn't attached those yet when I took the second photo.


Now you can see the finished dress taking form. It turned out as I imagined, however, I have a few doubts: the upper part of the sleeves are very loose. I don't know if I'm going to keep them that way since it's going to be an overdress anyway, or take them in. I am also thinking about taking it in just a bit in the back, I'm not used to wearing non-tight dresses and I like the comfy and steady feeling of a tight bodice. I don't know yet whether I will do this or not. Hmm!

After all, it's an overdress so I didn't want it to be super-tight anyway.

I'm also a bit worried that the neckline in the back is too low and that it might cause the sleeves to slide down, but I didn't experience that while trying the dress on even with another beneath. So I think it will be fine.


I have some things left to do, I have a few seams left to flat-fell and also hem the dress in the bottom. But that's quite boring so I think I'm gonna take a small pause, hehe, since I'm going to my mum's house over midsummer anyway. There I'm thinking about making wool mittens! :D Won't be so difficult or take that long, I think :)


Bye for now!

Postat av: 梅花

Det blev ju riktigt lyckat!

2010-07-24 @ 20:29:19

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