Buttons on! With guide.

Squeee! Now all the buttons and holes are in the front opening! Attaching all the buttons took probably two hours or so, and I did it in front of the second season of "Parks and recreation" ;P

I learned how to make the buttons from a very nice and helpful girl in my local SCA group, which I'm happy about!



Making all the holes took about 3 hours and I did that watching a movie. I was really nervous because once you cut the slize through all the three layers of fabric there is no turning back - and very little chance to cover up a mistake. However, everything went just fine! I secured the edges of the holes with tiny tiny "blanket stitches". I deliberately made the holes a bit too narrow to prevent the buttons from jumping out.


The outside (it looks messier on this over-exposed photo than in real life) and the not very pretty inside.

The holes are quite stiff and feel really safe, although I admit it doesn't look that way :)


Trying the dress on, I'm over all pleased. It is not milimeter perfection we're talking about but it looks pretty, genuine and nice just like hand sewn things should look :)


I drew a little guide for making wool buttons, I hope it makes sense... I never thought any of the guides and tutorials made ANY sense at all before I learned how to make them myself. It sounds and looks harder than it is, but it's actually really easy once you've mastered (well...) the technique!



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