Some references of mine

A veeeeery (read: extremely) limited selection of my references can be seen below. There are literary dozens and dozens of woodcuts of kampfraus(/trossfraus) out there and spending hours researching I'm sure I've seen them all. However, I have chosen to use Cranach paintings of Saxon women and Holbein sketches as inspiration as well, and even though many of them are not images of actual landsknechts or kampfraus but of nobilities - they are contemporary, and in my opinion - if a certain kind of neckline or sleeve or whatever is documented from the same year or the same decade, it is likely that they were worn both in the landsknecht camps as well as in the german cities by regular hausfraus at the time.


I also found that for example, in the Erhard Schön woodcuts, the kampfrau's clothing is more detailed and flashy than in most of the pictures others I've seen, but at the same time they're the ones that has really clear view of acutal kampfraus and documents the life in the actual camps, as opposed to many other contemporary paintings that depicts life in the towns with some landsknechts just happening to be in it, mixed with the villagers. Which makes it kinda hard to separate the kampfrau from the female villagers wearing clothes similar to the ones in the landsknecht camps.

The differences and similarities between Saxon women, Hausfraus and Kampfraus are explained better at this page.

Now I kind of wish that I made some more slashings in the skirt and so on, to be more obvious, but I hope it will be clear to people that I'm into landsknecht fashion once I've lifted the skirt up and is wearing a huge barett and so on. :)


Do keep in mind that God knows I'm far from an expert and my point of views here can be seen as naïve, but I think I have a somewhat good knowledge basis.

Anyway, that's why my references are kind of shattered. And here is a small selection :)


Postat av: Malin

Jag är lite skeptisk till indelningen på den sidan du länkade till. Det finns så många mera lokala dräktvarianter än det som presenteras där. Hela "hausfrau" grejen verkar ju vara helt galen, finns typ 1000 varianter på borgarinnornas dräkt (burgerin). Och bönder hade sina varianter. Ta med ett USBminne till lokalen så kan du tanka över alla bilder som finns i datorn. :)

2010-02-16 @ 22:10:46

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