Almost finished, with photos

I have now finished one of the sleeves, a normal person would probably do the both at the same time but for some reason I didn't... Anyway, as you can see I attached the raw edged wool stripes to the underarm, and the puffing sticking out is actually the shirt underneath. It takes a bit of arranging but is definately worth it. The shirt is sewn in raglan style with the top of the sleeves and the front and back banels gathered into a neck line. It's like XXXXXXL. It's actually a linen/cotton mix so not 100 percent period, but then I always sew with polyester thread so I guess I failed to be that accurate long time ago, heh. Maybe some time I will post instructions on how to sew the shirt, but I think I'm gonna learn how to properly smock first. (Smocking is super period for women, a simple pleated neckline like mine is more men's style.)

The dress with the skirt lifted up:

Click on these thumbnails to enlarge!


I am just SO happy with the outcome with this dress, it's much much better than I ever imagined. I think I got just the right silhouette, shape and look very close to the 16th century ideals. I find that with the shirt underneath the fit is better, so I won't have to take it in. As you can see on the back of the dress it is very closely fitted to me which I'm really happy about, having no pattern constructing skills what so ever!

Of course this dress is not nearly finished yet so I will keep posting pictures, references, etc, and then there's hat-making and new underskirt-making as well!


Postat av: Malin

"I guess I failed to be that accurate long time ago" Bah, accurate schmackurate. As long as it looks nice and fits you well. :)

2010-02-15 @ 07:54:19

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