Very pretty bodice mock-up, ahem.

First I seriously need to apologize for the sucky webcam quality, but my digital camera decided to give up commit suicide last week. Hope to get a new one, could be helpful in documenting purposes :P


I decided to make a mock-up in spare wool, since linen and wool doesn't behave the same way and I want to make sure I know what I do before cutting in the real fabric. I did the same thing with the other dress and it's a good way :)

I was lazy and used an old sleeve pattern I made for a red 15th century dress last year, and thankfully it fitted when I pinned it on. Fitting sleeves must be the most boring thing ever. :( On my first bodice mock-up the shoulder straps were angled strangely outwards so that the sleeve dragged the strap down on my arm which is something I get quite a lot. But now the straps stay on the shoulders as they should. I will angle them slightly more to my neck when drafting the final pattern, though.


There's a few changes that has to be made obviously but all in all I'm pleased :D


Postat av: Malin

It looks promising. I need to fit a new toile for me. Have lost about 15 kilos in the last year.


2010-01-11 @ 21:47:22
Postat av: Desirée

Wow! That's impressive :O

2010-01-13 @ 00:53:52

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