Starting on the bodice

This is what I have been doing:

- Cut the mock-up apart along the seam lines, then drew with a pen around the edges on the pattern paper. Then I added the seam-allowance, and at least two centimetres of it, since I'm always bad at adding seam-allowances. (I promise, there's a system in the chaos :P)


- Cut the main fabric, and the real fabric this time! Both a terrifying horror and a nice moment at the same time - there's no turning back now. :P Thankfully nothing went wrong.


- Loosely stitched the parts together just to check and voilá! Fits better than I had expected, obviously there's a few wrinkles here and there that needs to be sorted out and there's lots of extra fabric around the armpits.

The front is sewn together during the process but in the end there will be hooks and eyes. Also I haven't added the lining nor the green contrast pieces in the front and back yet either.

The neckline will be lower, since about 1-2 cm will be folded in.


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