Sleeve update :)

I panicked a bit over the sleeves, because I didn't decide until yesterday how they were going to look and I wanted to go on with the project, compulsively over-enthusiastic in the aspie way as I am ;) But then I decided on this look:


Arms held together by lacing is hinted in this woodcut, and in these, although being a completely different style and not actually _landsknecht_ fashion per se, but contemporary Cranach paintings .


I made the patterns (turns out it much easier without the mean elbow thing!) and cut the pieces:

The flat seams (ah, what a beautiful sight!):


My cat wants to help sewing as well, biting the scissor and sleeping on the fabric which makes all the wool full of cat hair, not very easy to get rid of :P



Postat av: Kori

my cat always do the same...

2012-05-13 @ 19:11:34

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