Skirt concerns


Yesterday I ordered fabric! Wool in the shades of Forest green and Wine-red-purple from the great Medeltidsmode. I feel motivated to begin as soon as it arrives in the mail.


My biggest concern now is the skirt, the shape and the gathering of it. I don't think that the wool I ordered is particularly heavy weight at all, but one of my problems with the last kampfrau was that the skirt, even though being only 2,5 m wide and pleated with narrow box pleats, was too full around the waist. I'm beginning to think that either 2,5 m is drastically too wide/drastically too little; the wool I used was too heavy weight; or that wider pleats or  is the way to go. Trapezoid panels would only cause even more heaviness.

Maybe I will go with a full circle shape.


So yeah, that's what I keep worrying about now... but I think I will just finish the bodice and then start asking around for skirt ideads. It will still be several weeks/maybe a month until I get that far.

My problem has always been that I'm too afraid of being turned down or get bad reactions from interacting with people, so I simply don't take the risk even though I know for sure that I would only gain from it. 'Course I know that. :) But with the knecht fashion my concern is built on the fact that I've got the impression before that people sometimes don't like to share their tricks which makes the whole thing even more angst-ridden than it normally would be, hehe, and that's why I don't like asking people how they did. If someone do feel like sharing, though, feel free to comment ;)


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