Seam allowances, hooks & eyes and sleeve ideas!

So, this is what I have been doing the last couple of days!

Made the waist a couple of centimeters higher.

Tacked down ALL the seam allowances on the bodice and arms, except for those who were already fastened to the lining. The only functions are, as far as I know, that the raw edges will not fray and it is more aesthetically appealing without the allowance sticking out everywhere. Also, it gives a flatter and more "clean" and less bulky look on the outside of the dress.
I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the same on the skirt seams as well, but since I will have a lot of time on my hands until the next SCA event, I will probably do this sometime when I'm bored.
From this I learned that the more seam allowance - the better! It looks soooo much better and I don't have to panic that the seams will stretch towards the edges and break if I gain a few pounds. (I hope I won't anyway ;P) I'm always a bit nervous about that in other cases.

Changed the positions of a few hooks and eyes to make the front opening more even, and it is close to perfection now! No wrinkles or curling out anywhere, and that is because the hooks and eyes are just about one centimeter next to each other - some would consider that unnecessarily close but I swear that does the  trick! They are also, as I have mentioned, attached to really stiff linen that won't give in to the stretch.

I have changed my mind about the sleeves. I'm now thinking of putting slashes of raw-edged wool between the upper and lower arms ant NOT lacing. This is because I realised that the dress looked too simple, too much "average 16th century german woman" and I AM dealing with landsknecht fashion after all. I didn't slash the skirt - MAYBE I will do this later on but for now I think two clean green panels are just about enough. So I will go for the new sleeve slashing idea. Landsknecht clothing is not supposed to be humble and shy at all in my opinion ;)

Pictures will come in a couple of days! 'Til then, here's a couple of yummy pictues :)



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