Skirt attached to the bodice!

The pictures that follows are taken with a cellphone, hence the crappy quality, haha, but it's better than nothing I guess!
I'm at my mum's house and I have so much spare time here I thought I might as well continue sewing and finish the thing while I'm here!

The skirt:
- I have now attached the skirt to the bodice. I used box pleats, equally divided between the front and back pieces although a little bit wider on the front (due to the fact that the skirt is more than 3 times bigger than the waistline, and box pleats always use 3 layers of fabric when pleated narrowly. So I had to make a single stacked box pleat on the back to make it even.
- The skirt is made of 10 pieces, divided on two rectangulars, and about 1,10 m from bottom to waistline (I'm 1,74 m tall :) ) 
- It's not hemmed of anything yet - it's not supposed to touch the ground.
- Also, importantly, I will make the waistline higher than it is now, because I find that once the skirt is on it sort of stretches the fabric just a little bit and I might also have to make the bodice tighter around the waist to prevent from stretching even more. So really, this is a bit temporary :)

Also, the lower sleeves are not laced on on these pictures :)


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