The first kampfrau and thoughts

My first kampfrau garb turned out like this:

It was made of yellow and plum wool, was completely hand sewn and the skirt is made with (only) 2,5 m rectangular panels of fabric, pleated with box pleats onto the waistline. The sleeves are removable (I doubt this is period, but necessary on hot days).

In search of references I came across some awesome websites and woodcuts. The ones I particularly used were St Maximilian Landsknecht Reenactment Guild and The Curious Frau, both have really good descriptions and woodcuts, as seen here and here.  Of course, I browsed dozens and dozens more websites and images, too many to mention!


The things that need improvement that I can now see with this dress are:


- The waist is too low. Waist is always higher than you want it to be, apparantly, since the ideal then was different from now. Woodcut example

- The neckline is too high in my opinion.

- The bodice is not snug enough, or - it WAS snug and then after using it for a week or so the wool, despite being lined, stretched a bit.

- There's something I don't like with the pleating, the fullnes around the waist is really nice but the pleats fall out quickly and you can't tell at the bottom of the skirt that it is 2,5 m wide.

- Too much details, not that it's not period but for my personal taste. I will definately cut down on the slashing and the puffing on the next dress!

- The bottom yellow panel on the skirt is too thick.


The things I like, however, are:


+ The colours are beautiful.

+ It is as period as I wanted it to be. You can definately find references to it in woodcuts and paintings, no question mark regarding the look.

+ It is HAND SEWN which is ambitious indeed :)

+ It is comfortable to wear and it holds everything up, I don't need to wear a bra for an example.

+ It was a damn good first try, better than some peoples second or third tries, hehe! Ssssschhh!


That's it for now, will return with more thoughts regarding the new dress I'm planning. Cheers!


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